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How does it work?

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, we'll pay to your account the balance owing on the date of diagnosis or operation.

The following are critical illnesses for the purpose of this cover:

  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • major organ transplant
  • kidney failure
  • coronary artery disease requiring surgery
  • cancer.

We've defined these illnesses in our Definitions. So long as we remain a member of the Financial Services Council, when the Life Code of Practice (Life Code) defines one of these illnesses, we'll apply the definition that's best for you. So, if the Life Code definition would result in your Critical Illness claim being approved and ours would not, we will pay your claim. You can read the Life Code at We'll send you a copy free of charge if you ask for one. 

Your GO Mastercard account with Latitude Finance Australia (LFA) ABN 42 008 583 588. Australian Credit Licence number 392145.

For the Disability and Involuntary Unemployment benefits, the closing balance on your account, less any overdue amounts, on the statement immediately before the date of the accident, illness or injury causing disability, or the date you were made involuntarily unemployed.

For the Life and Critical Illness benefits, the outstanding balance on your account at the date of your death or diagnosis, excluding any overdue amounts, fees and other charges imposed on any overdue amounts.

Death of heart muscle caused by obstruction of blood supply confirmed by a cardiologist and evidenced by typical rise and/or fall of cardiac biomarkers with at least one value above the 99th percentile of the upper reference limit, and at least one of the following indicators:

  1. acute cardiac symptoms and signs consistent with heart attack
  2. new, serial ECG changes with the development of any of the following:
    • acute injury type ST elevation or ST depression
    • coronary pattern T wave inversions
    • pathological Q waves
    • left bundle branch block
  3. imaging evidence of new loss of viable myocardium or new regional wall motion abnormality.

If the above indicators prove inconclusive, other supporting clinical evidence that in our reasonable opinion indicates that myocardial infarction has occurred.

Other acute coronary syndromes, including but not limited to angina, are not covered under this definition.

The first occurrence of a cerebrovascular accident or incident producing permanent neurological deficit resulting in at least 25% impairment of whole person function confirmed by Computerised Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) cerebral scan. Cerebrovascular accident or incident includes:

  • infarction of brain tissue
  • intracranial haemorrhage
  • subarachnoid haemorrhage, and
  • embolization from an extracranial source.

Does not include:

  • Transient ischaemic attack or hypoxia or trauma affecting vestibular functions.

The first undergoing of 'human to human' organ transplant from a donor to the life insured of one or more of the following organs:

  • kidney
  • liver
  • heart
  • lungs
  • pancreas
  • bone marrow.

The operation must be considered medically necessary by the appropriate consultant and performed within Australia.

End stage renal failure presenting as chronic irreversible failure of both kidneys to function requiring permanent regular renal dialysis.

The first undergoing of coronary artery by-pass grafting to two or more coronary arteries performed via open chest surgery for the treatment of coronary artery disease. The surgery must be considered medically necessary by a consultant cardiologist.

The histologically confirmed diagnosis of one or more malignant tumours. Malignant tumours are characterised by the uncontrolled growth and spread of malignant cells and the invasion and destruction of normal tissue. They include leukaemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and other malignant bone marrow disorders.

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