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This is the online version of the Combined Financial Services Guide, Product Disclosure Statement and Policy (PDS) for Buyer’s Protection. You can navigate through the different sections below to find out more about Buyer’s Protection, including the Important Information. You can download a printable version using the 'Download the PDS link'. This PDS is prepared on 10 December 2018.

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Product Overview

An overview of Buyer’s Protection, the eligibility criteria, how much it costs, how to apply, and other important information.

What is Buyer's Protection?
What it costs
Cooling off period
Contacting us
Important information

Shopper's Benefits

An overview of the benefits, limits, exclusions and examples of cover.

Shopper's benefits overview and limits
Price Protection
Merchandise Protection
Stolen card

Repayment Benefits

An overview of the benefits, limits, exclusions and examples of cover.

Repayment benefits overview and limits
Critical Illness
Involuntary Unemployment

Making a claim

Who to contact and what you will need to make a Buyer's Protection claim.

How to make a claim?
What will I need?
What you can expect


How to cancel your Buyer's Protection policy and information around when the policy ends.

You can cancel your policy
When the policy ends

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